Equine Assisted Coaching … Add 2000 lbs of True Horsepower to Your Life & Business!

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We all possess leadership qualities, with operating at optimum potential as a goal. Time at the farm engages clients to identify potential metaphors, realizing the apparent impact they have. These experiences can be for the business owner, management, or full team development. The focus is on leadership or specific team goals.  

Equine Assisted Coaching involves leaders and business owners, who:

  • Are at an impasse and seem to be “spinning their wheels” with lackluster results
  • Desire increased efficiency, productivity, and a greater profit margin
  • Are seeking optimum concise leadership

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  1. Equine assisted coaching incorporates horses experientially for personal transformation and business development. It is a collaborative effort between the horses, a Leadership Coach, and equine specialist.

Together as a team, Willow Equine works with the coachees and horses to address and achieve specific goals. It is a ground based model, which means there is no riding involved.

It is common to hear about programs incorporating horses in psychotherapy, but it is still not widely recognized in the personal growth / business sector. We are changing that though! The opportunity for employees to step out of the office, interact with horses THEN interpret their own experiences is enlightening. This increases their personal awareness, which improves team dynamics.

We are all leaders in our lives and need to be operating at our maximum potential. Time at the farm and with our horses, allows coachees to identify symbols, potential metaphors, see how they are showing up and the impact it is having.
This is a powerful model to take the lead in your life and business with an extra kick of horsepower!

What skills can improve?

~ Assertiveness
~ Attitude
~ Accountability
~ Awareness
~ Boundaries
~ Creative Thinking
~ Confidence
~ Goal Setting & Completion
~ Leadership
~ Non Verbal / Verbal Communication
~ Problem Solving
~ Teamwork

Imagine you can “crack the code” of your unique money personality? It will put yourself on a new path to financial and spiritual alignment and success!

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