Matcha Green Tea; providing a Healthy Alternative to Coffee!!

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AUTHENTIC PREMIUM QUALITY : Not culinary packaged as ceremonial, but One which represents the Finest quality available to the world. Only Youngest, most delicate top leaves handcrafted USDA 100% ORGANIC

CERTIFIED ORGANIC MATCHA POWDER- provides you with no: fillers, extras, additives, non gmo. Only Pure Matcha tea is a healthy alternative to coffee

BOOST METABOLISM – IMPROVED FAT LOSS – Matcha green tea is known to promote fat catabolism, increase thermogenisis and speed up metabolism. Have benefit for Menopause women’s health concerns relief.

IMPROVE ENERGY, FOCUS & MOTIVATION: Get overall improved energy, focus, clarity and motivation with this natural tea concentration of EGCG in matcha 137 times greater than the regular green tea

DELICIOUS FLAVOR: Paired with the benefits that come from brewed green tea, this 100% natural Japanese Matcha Tea provides a delicious taste that can be used in all of your favorite tea-based drinks and the all new Whipped Matcha!

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Studies have shown that Matcha Green Tea may assist with the following:

– Regulates blood sugar
– Regulates cholesterol
– Eases joint pain associated with arthritis
– Provides higher antioxidant levels on a per gram basis as compared to all other natural fruits and vegetables know thus far
– Provides for a natural energy boost without the afternoon crash; while providing a more heightened mind concentration and
mental focus
– Has been known to burn fat from unwanted body areas within 30 days, and assists in reducing cellulite thereby resulting in a
smoother skin appearance
– Prevents gum disease and fewer cavities
– Proven to help prevent the growth of cancer cells
– Deters food poisoning
– Anti-aging properties toward a refreshed skin appearance
– Detoxification properties may help to ease alcohol hangovers
– May provide for a greater release of zinc and copper nutrients for expectant mothers. to combat low birth rates
– Helps to decrease cold and cold-related ailments by providing a stronger immune system
– May suppress tooth related bacteria that causes halitosis or bad breath
– May help to stimulate the stomach to aid in greater digestion while increasing intestinal activity to combat constipation
– Studies have shown older women who drink green tea have a lower risk of colon, stomach and throat cancer
– The power of the EGCG molecule and other flavonoids found in Matcha could block Alzheimer’s Disease Plaque for fighting
brain-damaging free radicals and preventing memory loss


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