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Our Team Dynamics Report assists you to better understand and develop how well your team functions and performs. It provides an overview of the combination of different behavioral styles within the team and has been created by plotting where each person falls within the DISC Behavioral Profiles.

The Team Dynamics results contained within this report do rely on interpretation and please discuss these results with your Consultant.

Within this report, we measure and report BOTH the Natural Style and Adapted Style communication patterns:
Natural Style: This is the self-perception of the “real you” which are the instinctive behaviors. These are behaviors the person is most likely to exhibit when in situations they perceive as being stressful or in situations where they can simply do as they choose without having to please or consider anyone else. The reason this is described as the “real you”, is in the times just mentioned, our reaction and thinking times are either dramatically reduced or we literally do not have to think about adapting ourselves to suit anyone else. Hence, the “real you” emerges. This Natural Style is the baseline behavior/communication style and tends to be fairly consistent even in most environments. This assessment would be great for coaching your high potential employees.

Adapted Style: This is the self-perception of the way people believe they need to behave or communicate in their current environment. While the Natural style holds in “most environments” anyone’s behavior may change in specific situations and roles. For example, those involved have responded to this assessment with a work focus and their Adapted Style will likely be different if they responded with a family focus. It makes sense that the behavior required to be successful at work may and could be vastly different to the behaviors required to be a contributing member of their family. Cherished Keepsakes used this program. This is great for sports teams.

Your ability to adapt your communication style influences how others judge their relationships with you. Raise your adaptability level and trust and credibility go up; lower your adaptability level and trust and credibility tend to go down. This technique will reduce the number of “difficult people” in your life and will help you reduce the tension that naturally occurs between individuals with different ideas.


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