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The rEAL Team Development sessions offer a variety of tools, experiential equine exercises and expertise. These sessions increase individual personnel awareness as well as group dynamics. It is NOT psychotherapy; it is psycho-educational.


Equine Assisted Learning, a non-traditional approach, is solidly growing in popularity. The opportunity for employees to step out of the office, interact with horses THEN interpret their own experiences is enlightening. This experience increases personal awareness, thus improving team dynamics. 

The purpose of team building is to transform individuals into a cohesive team. A team of people organized to work together interdependently and for a common goal. The time spent with the horses motivates your team to work together, identify strengths, improve productivity, and expand exponentially!

It is common to hear about programs incorporating horses in psychotherapy, but it is still not widely recognized in the personal growth / business sector. We are changing that though! The opportunity for employees to step out of the office, interact with horses THEN interpret their own experiences is enlightening. This increases their personal awareness, which improves team dynamics.

These experiences can be for the business owner, management, OR full team member development with a focus on money, leadership or your team goals. Call for a free Discovery Sessions so we can identify your goals.

Equine Assisted Learning or Coaching incorporates horses experientially for personal transformation and business development. It is a collaborative effort between the horses, a Leadership Coach, and equine specialist.

Together as a team, Willow Equine works with the professional groups and horses to address and achieve specific goals. It is a ground based model, which means there is no riding involved.

Equine Assisted Learning is a non-traditional approach to coaching and business development that is growing in popularity. This is a powerful model to take the lead in your life and business!

Sessions also allow for the development of certain skills such as:
~ Non-Verbal Communication
~ Assertiveness
~ Creative Thinking
~ Problem Solving
~ Leadership
~ Responsibility
~ Teamwork
~ Confidence
~ Attitude

Call to discuss your goals and options! 


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