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This FREE opportunity will unlock what makes you tick when it comes to money! The Sacred Money Archetype (SMA) assessment only takes a few minutes and once you have your results, we set up a Personal Reading to unlock your code. By identifying your Top 3 Sacred Money Archetypes, you will discover more about your personality, how they support (or hinder) your success and how to work in harmony with them. You will learn your biggest blocks around money and then how to shift them into Action Mode for lasting results.

Less then 60 minutes  for you to Unlock Yourself! 


Answer these questions regarding our Spiritual & Financial Alignment:

1.) Do you put off looking at your bank account?
2.) Are you making just enough to get by?
3.) Does more money equal working hard?
4.) Are you borrowing money from friends and family more often than you would like?
5.) Do you and your partner fight over money?
6.) Are their opportunities that you would like to take but something is holding you back?
7.) Do you wear a money mask from everyone in your life, including yourself!?
8.) Is there an invisible ceiling keeping you from achieving the financial success you really want?

If you answer YES to any of these questions … then you maybe out of Spiritual & Financial Alignment and we need to talk!

Opportunities are all around, let’s identify your Top 3 Sacred Money Archetypes, and utilize your strengths to energize those opportunities.

The assessment takes 5 minutes to complete and then we schedule a personal reading! 

We will then schedule a 45 minutes Discovery Session over the phone, identify gaps and create an Action Plan! Call to schedule your Discovery Session! 


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